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Hair Loss Phenomenon And Treatment
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Hair loss refers to the phenomenon of hair loss. The hair that is normally shed is the hair that is in the period of retreat and rest. Since the hair entering the degenerative period and the newly entering the growing period is constantly in dynamic balance, the normal amount of hair can be maintained.

1. Can be rubbed with minoxidil, finasteride orally, scalp hair implant is also an important choice.

2. Pathological alopecia should treat the underlying disease, and the hair will grow again after physical recovery.

3. Chemical hair loss does not use irritating hair dyes, perm agents and inferior shampoo products.

4. Physical hair loss Do not use plastic combs and plastic head brushes that are easy to generate static electricity. Wear protective caps and wash your hair in a timely environment with serious air dust pollution.

5. Nutritional hair loss should strengthen nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables, kelp, mulberry, walnuts.

6. Obesity hair loss should eat less greasy food and strengthen physical exercise.

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