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The efficacy and composition of biotin shampoo
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Helps silky suppleness, strengthens the delicate and fragile hairline strength; builds a natural barrier for the scalp to improve hair follicle health; enhances oxygenation capacity and generates energy inside the hair follicle to promote hair growth.

The main ingredients are vitamin H (which can help silky supple, strengthen the soft and fragile hairline toughness), wheat amino acid (supplement scalp hair nutrition, strengthen hair moisturizing and vitality), soy amino acid (have good repair effect) ), niacin (building a natural barrier for the scalp, improving the health of hair follicles and delivering the nutrients needed for hair follicles), folic acid (which enhances cell viability, promotes cell division and hair growth), jojoba oil (recovery of hair) Natural moisture).

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