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Features of organic shampoo
- Jul 19, 2018 -

1. Organic shampoo does not have too much chemical addition, but is based on organic plant extracts, suitable for long-term hair care.

2, Organic shampoos generally do not contain silicon, no SLS, no mineral oil and other synthetic chemicals, these substances will foam, will remain, hurt the scalp, but it can make the hair texture look better; this is Why organic shampoos will feel dry and bubble-free, which is a healthy way of shampooing.

3, The use of organic shampoo will not affect the hair follicles, do not stimulate and destroy the oil glands, to avoid hair loss; organic shampoo adhere to wash will have a qualitative improvement in hair.

4, No harmful chemicals will be absorbed into the body by the skin pores of the scalp, reducing the risk of illness; such as reducing the risk of oily hair loss, folliculitis and so on.

5, Organic shampoo does not add foaming agent is a natural non-ionic surface as a cleaning ingredient, so the foam is less, but not unclean.

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